FWW Employment Alert: Oregon and Washington Legislative Updates for January 2022


As we start 2022 (and, unfortunately, slog into our third year of the COVID-19 pandemic), employers will want to take note of several recent significant changes to Oregon and Washington employment laws.

Below are the legislative updates covered in our January alert.

Oregon Employment Law Legislative Updates:
  • Pandemic-Related Legislative Updates:
    • Oregon Family Leave Act (OFLA) Changes
    • Extension of Timeline to File a BOLI Complaint Regarding Health and Safety
    • Rebuttable Presumption that Prohibited Retaliation or Discrimination has Occurred if Employee is Terminated Within 60 Days of Protected Activity
    • Temporary Exemption of Hiring/Retention Bonuses and Vaccine Incentives from Definition of “Compensation” Under Oregon’s Pay Equity Act
  • Additional Important Employment-Related Oregon Legislative Updates:
    • Creating a Respectful and Open World for Natural Hair (CROWN) Act
    • Driver’s License May Not Be Required Unless the Ability to Drive is an Essential Function of the Job or Job-Related
    • Further Limits on Noncompetition Agreements
    • New Local Taxes
    • Metro Supportive Housing Services Personal Income Tax (Portland Metro)
    • Preschool for All Personal Income Tax (Multnomah County)
    • Oregon Workers’ Benefit Fund
    • Another Minimum Wage Increase
Washington Employment Law Legislative Updates:
  • Washington's Wage Recovery Act
  • Non-Competition Enforceability Thresholds for 2022
  • Changes to the Posting Requirements for WISHA Citation and Notices
  • Paid Family Medical Leave Act Greatly Expands Definition of “Family Member”
  • Paid Family Medical Leave – New Pandemic Leave Aid
  • Minimum Wage and Exempt Salary Basis Increases

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