FWW Employment Alert: Oregon and Washington Work Together to Provide Guidance on Paid Family Medical Leave Program and Remote Workers


In response to growing questions about how to treat employees who work remotely, both the Oregon Employment Department and Washington Employment Security Department issued a joint letter to guide employers on how to make the right contributions for paid family medical leave when more than one state is involved. 

Prior to January 1, 2023, Oregon employers will start the first steps of implementing Paid Leave Oregon and need to set up for the required contributions from paychecks for the employee benefits which will become available on September 3, 2023 for paid family medical leave. To set up the contributions, employers need to know which employees must contribute to which state program.
Since March of 2020, there are a number of employees who have been working remotely either fulltime or on a part-time basis between Oregon and Washington and other states. This has raised the question of whether the employees are eligible for the Oregon or Washington paid leave benefit.

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