Helping Employers Manage HR and Minimize Litigation

The rules of the workplace continue to change rapidly. Employment law has become increasingly complex because of overlapping state and federal laws and an explosion of litigation.

Our mission is simple: give employers a sound framework for managing their human resources and minimize litigation.

FWW employment attorneys help you negotiate the changing employment world, stay ahead of the latest developments in the law, ensure your policies and procedures comply with all the changes, and identify what you should monitor to keep your company compliant.

We offer practical advice for policy development, employment agreements, complaint resolution, discipline, termination, and compliance with federal, state, and local employment laws. As a preventative tool, we provide on-site training for supervisors, managers, executives, employees, and volunteers.

And we answer the phone when you call because we realize HR issues are often time-sensitive.

While our goal is to help you avoid litigation, sometimes it is unavoidable. We have significant experience handling employment disputes and litigation, including administrative hearings, arbitration, and mediation.