Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Passionate Advocates Defending Your Reputation

Lawsuits are stressful, and any day you get threatened or served with one is not a good day.

Litigation can involve an unknown amount of time and money and jeopardize your brand. As the business environment becomes more complex and companies continue to face regulatory challenges, disputes will continue to rise. 
Our goal with litigation is to resolve matters efficiently and protect your reputation.  We strive to alleviate your stress and get you back to your primary duties.  

We pride ourselves on an efficient approach with specific strategy tailored to your case, business objectives, and risk-tolerance level. 

We use a two-pronged approach:
1) Dispute Resolution: We actively explore practical and innovative ways to resolve litigation to meet your business objectives outside of the courtroom. There are a number of options for resolving disputes, and we pursue the course that provides the greatest opportunity for a favorable and cost-effective outcome – this is our primary objective in every case. We are experienced in the effective use of alternative dispute resolution techniques and make these options available to clients early in litigation.
2) Trial:
We have seasoned trial lawyers who are not afraid to go to court if needed to protect your assets and reputation. We provide you with zealous and passionate advocacy through trial, and collaborate with you at every stage from preliminary case analysis through trial and appeal, if necessary. 

 We have ranked among the top law firms by U.S. News & World Report and Best Lawyers for commercial litigation in the Portland metropolitan area for many years.